Getting sponsored for pre sea training program (DECK CADET , DNS , ENGINE CADET , B.TECH MARINE ENGINEERING, GME ,ETO ) by a shipping company means that you will be guaranteed a job as a trainee based on board after the completion of pre sea training program . Now days many companies provide Sponshership for eligible candidates. The eligibility criteria varies from company to company , some companies prefer candidates with high grades and some might select an average candidate. The main criteria for Sponshership is attitude , this is what the field demands . if once attitude is not proper , then its time to shift to another job.

Sponshership exams are conducted by companies on a regular basis . Sponshership exam generally consist of :-

  • Written offline /online test .
  • Personal interview ( interview taken by chief officer and chief engineer and captain).
  • Psychometric analysis / test( mental state of a candidate ).
  • Medical examination by D.G shipping Doctor.


If candidate these four round are successfully cleared than a candidate will be given a “Sponshership letter” for pursuing PRE-SEA course.

Attention :- Now days according to D.G. shipping norms whoever candidate goes for pre-sea training in training center they must have Sponshership letter . so candidate obtain Sponshership letter from RPSL company.