Career Path

Merchant navy career is a dynamic and energetic . the candidate who join it they can change their dream in destiny with enjoying lots of the fun of life.A career at sea is perhaps one of the most rewarding careers not only with respect to emoluments & earning capacity but also way of practical education of an individual through travel, visiting various countries & meeting people from various parts of the globe. It develops a cosmopolitan person quite at home in most foreign environments & with a greater understanding of the different people, their culture & way of life.


    Attributes of a Young Person Choosing a Sea Career:-

  • Above average intelligence but not necessarily an inteactual.
  • Good general knowledge & lot of common sense.
  • Include good hobbies to pass time in spare time on ship.
  • Fond of out-door life.
  • Interested in broadening his outlook.
  • Keen to follow a life of adventure where practically every day is different from the previous day.
  • High sense of responsibility.
  • Cares for his colleagues and makes friends easily.
  • Keen to work other as a team.
  • Show initiative in tackling any work assigned to him