Career Comparison

    Career Prospects

  • After joining the training program at the age of 17 Years with 10thor 12th certificate, you will qualify to become the captain or chief engineer of multi-core ships at the age of about 27 years.
  • All qualification obtained in India are certified by government of India and these are recognized by every maritime nation in keeping with the International conversations made by IMO which is body of UNO.
  • An officer holding Indian or foreign certificate can work on any ship of any nationality, thus increasing his job market.
  • You can work on ships upto the age of 65 years.
  • At the same time good opportunities will be available to change to marine related jobs onshore from the age of 35 years onwards.
  • Keen to follow a life of adventure where practically every day is different from the previous day.
  • High sense of responsibility.
  • Cares for his colleagues and makes friends easily.
  • Keen to work other as a team.
  • Show initiative in tackling any work assigned to him